Who We Are

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Our Mission

It is the mission of 3 Squares, Inc. (3 Squares) to build strong families and community within the underserved and food-insecure residents in our state. We do this by empowering these residents with the knowledge and tools that allow self-sustainability and life skills that address food issues and offer a long term solution to our state’s current hunger issues.

Goals & Objectives

We create and support sustainable programs that positively impact hungry households in Utah. We work to break the cycle of hunger by reaching these households on a personal level - one household, one child, one neighborhood at a time.

Right now 1 in 5 households in Utah are hungry. Providing shelf-life food through food pantries and food banks is a temporary fix, yet doesn’t address the core problems of accessibility to healthy food, and education of how to grow, prepare and store better food choices.

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